Getting Started

We have found over the years of helping folks develop their own labels that no two projects are the same. Some are extremely simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, some are very labor intensive and costly. To best determine what is in the best interest of everyone involved, we have developed a process that helps us help you reach your goal efficiently and economically.

We first ask that you complete a simple “Co-pack Application” form that gives us some pertinent information about you, your organization and what you are trying to accomplish. From that, we can better determine what will be involved in your product development.

In some instances, we meet to discuss specifics of product development. In many cases, it is handled by phone and email. Primarily, our discussion is to determine recipes, containers, labels and quantities.

Credit must be established prior to recipe development. You can use the attached “Credit Application” or your own “Credit Letter”. In the event credit is not established, all orders must be prepaid prior to production.

If we are using recipes that you provide, we will sign a “Nondisclosure Agreement” with you.

Test recipes normally take two to three weeks to complete, depending on timing and availability of raw materials.


Cost considerations vary depending on how labor intensive it is for us to help you develop your product. Startup costs are normally broken down into three categories: recipe development, label cost and production cost.

Recipe development

In the event you want to develop a brand using recipes that Riba Foods owns and we are willing to share with you, with limited meetings and conferences, there is little or no cost.

If we use your recipes, a $750.00 non-refundable deposit is required for your startup project. This covers the costs associated with delivering to you a recipe which falls within our production capabilities and expertise. Once you approve the recipe, you will be given a production cost per jar which includes all non-custom ingredients/components necessary for your product to be sellable. Any costs that will require custom ordering will be borne by the customer at their expense.

Label design and production

The price that Riba Foods quotes for producing product includes applying the label to the container. The label design and production are the responsibility of the client.

Label cost can vary drastically depending on complexity. The following information describes some considerations that may be helpful to new clients in developing the label(s) that best suits them.

The basic elements of developing the label are: design, art prep, printing plates, cutting die and production cost.

Simple designs can be created on a personal computer and refined (art prep) by the printing company at very little cost. Riba Foods utilizes a designer that produces quality art work at reasonable costs.

Printing plates will vary depending on the number of colors in the label.

Cutting die cost can be minimized if the printing company will allow you to use a pre-existing die.

Production cost will vary depending on the number of colors and quantity printed. Usually, about 25,000 labels is the first good break on pricing. We can recommend the company that we use but you can use whomever you please.

Label rolls must adhere to the following specs:
• O.D. 12” Max; I.D. 3”
• Label out; left side off roll first (right side off roll acceptable)
• Must be pressure sensitive dye cut (not butt cut)
• Labels applied at 200 degrees F, adhesive must withstand bubbling.

Excluding artwork, the label production cost should be around 5 cents per label for 50,000 labels.


Co-pack Application

Credit Application

Nondisclosure Letter