Arriba! Salsas and Dips from Riba Foods

Special friends, and
Premium Salsa

These salsas are uniquely prepared with all natural, fire-roasted fresh fruits and vegetables–gluten free of course.

Fire roasting pineapple, mango, and peach brings out an enticing fruit flavor when blended with our famous fire-roasted fresh tomatoes. These are salsas unlike anything you have ever tasted.
Great For Dipping!
Great For Cooking!

Luncheons or dinner parties with good friends have memories that last a lifetime. Arriba! Premium Salsas will make your next one unforgettable.

Impress your guests from the start with Arriba! Premier Collection Salsa with real fruit.


Arriba! Peach Fresco Salsa
Real peaches that are fire-roasted with fresh vegetables in this great tasting premier fruit salsa.

Arriba! Mango Agave Salsa
The sweet taste of fresh mango and the fire-roasted tradition of Arriba! salsas will have everyone wanting more.

Arriba! Pineapple Chipotle Salsa
There is something delicious about the smoky flavor that the chipotle gives to the fresh pieces of pineapple as they are fire-roasted with fresh vegetables in this premium salsa from Riba Foods.