Texas Pepper Works

Texas Pepper Works

Most people associate Texas recipes with either Tex-Mex or Mexican fare. But Texas recipes also have strong German, Scotch Irish and Creole origins as well!

Each product has its own recipe on the label.

Texas Pepper Works is all about Texans having some fun with exciting recipes and Texas heritage.

Arriba! Original Dips


Texas Pepper Works
To say these are just peppers, mustard or bread and butter pickles is like saying Texas is just a state. No sir ere. They are an experience. From the first bite you notice right off they are crispy. But then hang on to your hat. Your taste buds are in for a wild bronco ride. From sweet, to sour, to tart, to spicy you’ll be hollering’ whoa now!…whoa now!…oh boy!…Let’s do that again!

Candy-Krisp Pickles
A family recipe similar to “Bread and Butter Pickles” with a spicy Texas twist.

Candy-Krisp Deli Toppers
What a ride you will have when you add these to your favorite sandwich.

Candy-Krisp Jalapeños
From sweet, to sour, to tart, to spicy you’ll love these right out of the jar. 

A white cheese dip with a hint of jalapeño and cilantro

Alamo Select
A delicious roasted tomato salsa with guajillo peppers. Its unique pepper is good as a dipping sauce but makes an incredible Carne Asada (roast beef slowly cooked in Alamo Select).

Raspberry Chipotle
Is simply a combination of roasted tomato salsa and raspberry preserves. It’s great for dipping, over cream cheese at parties or slow cooking a pork loin.

Barn Burner
Another roasted tomato salsa but then we add the heat: Habanera, Jalapeño, Chiletepin. Hot but soooo…delicious. Our own recipe on the jar for “Little Texas Devils” is a hit at cocktail parties.