Arriba! Salsas and Dips from Riba Foods

Select one of our Choice Salsas for a tasty, unique flavor

Arriba!® Fire-Roasted Choice Salsas

Salsa lovers will enjoy a change of pace with the unique fire-roasted flavors of our gourmet Arriba! Choice Salsas. Delicious as a dip or an incredible ingredient in a variety of recipes and entrees. Fat free and gluten free.


Arriba! Fire-roasted Green Salsas
Our Mild, Medium and Hot Green Salsas are a unique combination of fire-roasted green tomatoes, tomatillos, and a special blend of peppers and spices providing a delicious flavor and a rich verde color.



Arriba! Fire-roasted Bacon Salsa
We fire-roast tasty jalapeño peppers and fresh tomatoes and add real bacon bits for a unique flavor and satisfying taste for our bacon salsa.



Arriba! Avocado Salsa
Our California-inspired Avocado Salsa blends real avocados, green tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, jalapeño and serrano peppers, and select spices to satisfy any avocado craving. There is nothing like Avocados for those trying to be more health conscious.



Arriba! Corn & Lime Salsa
A great addition to the Arriba! Choice Salsas line, we’ve taken roasted corn, blended it with fresh lime juice, and then add fresh tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and onions and roasted them over an open flame. A perfect combination of sweet, spicy and tangy.



Arriba! Morita Salsa
The distinctive characteristics of morita peppers is blended with roasted fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices for a rich, delicious smoky taste. It’s a wonderful alternate to our classic red salsa. (Morita peppers are a type of chipotle pepper, but smoked for less time, leaving them softer while retaining a slightly fruity flavor.)


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