Arriba! Salsas and Dips from Riba Foods

Our Dips are an absolute must for any occasion!

Arriba!® Original Dips

Our Arriba! Original Dips complement any occasion – parties, tailgates, watching TV – you name it. Each one of our authentic dips is prepared with our legendary Arriba! Fire Roasted Salsas and blended with specialty ingredients for your discerning taste buds. Fat Free and Gluten Free.


Arriba! Chile Con Queso
Our Chile Con Queso starts with our fire-roasted Red Salsa. We then combine Cheddar with creamy Bleu Cheeses for a rich, zesty, flavor-packed Mexican cheese dip. Use as a dip or heat and drizzle over your favorite dishes. Select Hot or Mild.



Arriba! Bacon Salsa Queso
Our fire-roasted Bacon Salsa Queso starts with real bacon bits. We add our fire-roasted jalapeño and chipotle peppers and then blend fine cheeses (cheddar and bleu) to produce this creamy, smoky, authentic Mexican taste. Tastes terrific when warmed.



Arriba! Black Bean Dip
Made with our original fire-roasted Chipotle Salsa, we slow-cook earthy Black Beans along with herbs and spices. This dip offers a robust, smoked, authentic Mexican bean flavor. Tasty right out of the jar, with chips, or as a special ingredient with your favorite dishes. Served hot or cold.



Arriba! Pinto Bean Dip
If you fancy the pinto bean, we think ours is the best! We slow-cook a milder, nutrient-rich bean, the Pinto, and blend with our Arriba! Chipotle Salsa for a delicious dip with a smoky flavor. Serve hot or cold.


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