Try these Special Recipes made with Arriba!®
Salsa and Texas Pepper Works™ products



Arriba! Salsas and Dips are perfect as a snack or as a dip. And they readily enhance the flavor of many dishes and entrees. Your family and friends will be amazed at the unique taste.

Savory Crab Cakes with Arriba! Avocado Salsa

• Tailgate with Taste – Tangy Meatballs & Arriba! Red Salsa

• Homemade Meatballs with Arriba! Red Salsa

Meatloaf with Arriba!Red Salsa

• Grilled Fish with Arriba! Green Salsa

Mexican Charro Beans with Arriba! Red Salsa

Tortilla Soup in 10 Minutes with Arriba! Corn & Lime Salsa

• Cheesy Baked Arriba! Green Salsa Chicken

• Mexican Pizza with Arriba! Salsa and Dips

• Nuevo Rancheros (Ranch Style Eggs) with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Homemade Enchiladas with Arriba! Salsa and Sauce

Beef Burritos with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Meat Filling for Tacos/Burritos/Enchiladas with Arriba! Red Salsa

Huevos Rancheros (Country Style Eggs) with Arriba! Red Salsa

Refried Beans with Arriba! Chipotle Salsa

• Mexican Rice with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Homemade Enchilada Sauce with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Mac and Cheese with Ground Beef and Arriba! Green Salsa

• Breakfast Tacos with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Ceviche (Shrimp Cocktail) with Arriba! Red Salsa

Italian Meatballs with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Guacamole with Arriba! Red Salsa

• Enchiladas Verde with Arriba! Green Salsa

Southwest Style Dip with Arriba! Red Salsa

Pico de Gallo with Arriba! Red Salsa

Texas Pepper Works brings Big Fun and Big Taste to folks in its home state, and beyond! Take your taste-buds to the next level with these culinary delights.

• Twice-Baked Potato with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

Tuna Salad Excitement with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

Sweet & Tangy Cheese Dip with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

• Cheese Ball with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

• Ham & Cheese Wheel with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

Pickle Slaw with TPW Candy-Krisp Jalapeños

Double Deviled Eggs with TPW Jalapeño Mustard

Tangy Veggie Dip with TPW Jalapeño Mustard

Grilled Pork Chops/Loin with TPW Raspberry Chipotle Salsa

Tangy Taco/Tortilla Filler withTPW Raspberry Chipotle Salsa

• Meatballs with TPW Raspberry Chipotle Salsa