Arriba! Mexican Salsas and Dips

Riba Foods manufactures and markets a variety of delicious salsas, dips and queso’s under the Arriba! Salsa and Texas Pepper Works brand names. For news, information and recipes:

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Texas Minority Owned Business

The Riba Foods Brands

For more than 30 years, Riba Foods has delivered on our goal of providing the highest-quality fire-roasted products to consumers and remains one of the premier Master Roasters in the U.S.

Our authentic Mexican process of roasting, toasting and grinding brings out the inherent flavor of the ingredients, making our gourmet salsas perfect for snacking, dipping and cooking. Made in small artisanal batches to focus on flavor, our Classic Red Salsas, Choice Green Salsas, Specialty Salsas and Dips all use fresh ingredients. They do not contain any preservatives or additives, and are also gluten-free, fat-free and low carb.

Look for our Arriba!® Salsa and Texas Pepper Works brands at your local grocery store. Just check our Store Locator page for a store near you. Since not all Arriba! products are carried in all stores, you can always order online at the Riba Foods Store.

Arriba! Classic Red Salsas
Arriba! Classic Salsas–
Our original fire-roasted salsas made using fresh tomatoes and fresh peppers.

Arriba! Original Dips
Arriba! Original Dips–
Specialty Cheese and Bean Dips made with our flame-roasted salsa and other quality ingredients.

Arriba! Choice Salsas
Arriba! Choice Salsas–
Made with fresh vegetables like tomatillos, or avocados, or corn and lime.

Arriba! Raspberry Chipotlea rich, fresh Mexican flavor with a delicious hint of fruit.

Arriba! Original Dips
Arriba! Bacon Salsas and Dips–Made with real bacon and fine cheeses.

Texas Pepper Works Candy-Krisp Jalapeños
Texas Pepper Works
To say these are just peppers, mustard or queso is like saying Texas is just a state.